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Cackalacky 500


Cackalacky 500

For details on upcoming event, go to Blue Mountain Revival

2011 Cackalacky 500 results (download):

Currently, there are no plans for a 2013 or future events.  Lake Norman State Park is adding a visitor center which is taking over much of the parking lot and trail head.

OK, eleven years is a long time for an event.  Over the years, we've had time trials, swap meets, road rides, mountain rides, talks, Mountain Bike Hall of Famers and boatloads of fun!  We've decided to try an overnight event on the Itusi Trail at Lake Norman State Park. Read up on the event below.

Cackalacky Group Photo

In 1920, the 18th Amendment initiated a movement to create fast cars. Drivers boasted of speeds up to 120mph on dirt roads at night with no headlights. Cars were constantly modified to go faster and faster, and eventually the weekend pastime of stock car racing was born. 

From the early 1920s until the war stock car races were run primarily with late model sedans; after the war due to a shortage of late model automobiles most races were run with early models. Races varied in distance with the maximum of around 200 miles in part due to the concern that the vehicles may not hold up to longer mileage. In 1949 late models became more common and the Indianapolis 500 mile race was introduced. 

These stock car races are most closely associated with the Wilkes County region of North Carolina or affectionately nicknamed North Cackalacky, just north of our Itusi trail system at Lake Norman State Park. 

As a tribute to racing’s origins the Cackalacky 500 is born…

Proposed pit and start/finish map above:

 Racers will be involved in a 500 minute (8hrs 20min) race starting at 10pm Saturday evening under a green flag. This is the ONLY time you will be able to ride the Itusi at night…legally.

 As the stock car racers did in the early 19th century, bring out your stock race bikes (wink wink) and race under the moonlight. Whether it is to show that you’re the fastest racer in the area, to smoke your riding buddy or to just feel the adrenalin rush of riding at night!


Tentative race course map above:

Breakfast will be catered in after the race. This will be full blown southern style with eggs, bacon, biscuits, gravy, etc.! Random refreshments and treats provided throughout the night.

 Alcohol is prohibited within the state park. 

Camping is available at Lake Norman State Park 704-528-6350



 is a slang or nickname form of Carolina.   It is often preceded by "North" or "South" in referring to the states individually. While the term has gained widespread use, lexicographers have yet to identify its exact origin.

Although some believe the term has existed since at least the 1800s, it has recently enjoyed a rise in vernacular usage possibly due to usage by the military population and the urban hip-hop community.  


Charging Station – We will supply about 50 receptacles for your charging needs; feel free to bring your own power source if you like. The park will not supply power for the event.

Power – The state park will not supply any power for the event, outside of charging stations, bring what you need.

What should I bring? – Bring plenty of food, fluids, clothes, extra bike parts, tools and a light source. We will provide treats throughout the night, there is rumor of coffee & hot cocoa along with snacks but bring what you need.

Support - Organizers will provide neutral support throughout the event.

Campfires – not permitted, sorry.

Race start time –Race starts at 10pm, all racers/support must be in the park no later than 8pm when the gates close.

Park gates closed – We are racing while the park is closed to the general public. Once you are in you are there for the night unless you are escorted by the EMT or Sherriff’s dept. We will open gates at 7:30 am for those that cannot stay for the post party

Emergencies – We will have EMTs and local police dept. on hand for the event.

Generators – Bring-em if you got-em. This is a race, not a camp out.

Noise – The park camping area is open and rangers expect us to be considerate of them so loud noise (music, equipment, etc.) that impacts the other areas of the park will not be permitted.

Bathroom availability – Port-a-jons will be provided.

Tents – No tents can be erected for overnight sleeping, Participants may erect canopies only for purposes of supporting and pitting, not for sleeping.

Pets – Don’t bring a pet unless you have someone to care for it at all times. Pets must be on a leash less than 6 ft in length

I’ve registered but cannot make the event? – Unfortunately we cannot do refunds but we can transfer your registration, please be sure to contact us with the new racer’s information and have them check with us when they arrive that everything is properly transferred. Please arrange transfer as early as possible to ensure no problems.

Timing – This is a grassroots style event; timing will be the old fashion way with people taking your numbers as you come through the transition area. Please voice your number to make sure we get it correct and be patient with us… It’s all about having fun!

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