LANO BannerItusi Trail @ Lake Norman State Park

T r o u t m a n,   N o r t h   C a r o l i n a

The Laurel Loop:

The 4.75 Laurel Loop opened on January 2, 2010 to rave reviews.  This section is built with more technical trail features and has a different personality from the rest of the Itusi Trail system.  This is the initial phase of the Laurel Loop that is open tot he public while work continues on the second phase.  Total mileage for the Laurel Loop will eventually be approximately 8 miles.

Trail Reversal:

Each loop of the Itusi Trail will be ridden in a counter-clockwise direction during odd-numbered years and clockwise during even numbered years.  The trail is reversed each January 1st to give the riders a new riding experience and allow the trail to "heal".  Be aware that some riders will still be riding in the "wrong" direction until they get the message.

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Lano Boundary Sign

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  The trail may be closed due to wet conditions or for trail maintenance.  To check on the status of the trail you can phone the park office at 704.528.6350 during normal business hours.