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Below is a sampling of the First Flight branded goodies that we have in stock.


MOMBAT  Tread t  First Flight Bikes Mason jar: Mason jar with "sandblasted" First Flight logo.  Going back to the NC 'shine days.  Arrogant Bastard not included.  $9.99 

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FFB Shot Glass  First Flight Bikes shot glass: Great shot glass so you can enjoy your favorite adult beverage in FFB style.  $3.99 

Goatcracker by Ahrens
The Goatcracker replaces one of your 5mm headset spacers and allows you to open your favorite non-twist top beverage from the comfort of your bike.  $14.99

FFB Quote orange 

First Flight Bicycles  t-shirts: Pick a size and we will send you a shirt.  Large logo on the back with small logo on the breast pocket.  No color guarantee but none of them are too offensive. $19.99 
   Pints and shots 


Pints and shots:  Pint glasses from First Flight in cobalt blue (sold out) or Coke bottle green (sold out), Mountain Goat in clear or FFB clear shot glass. Blue and green are sold out.

Goat Pint $9.99

FFB Shot $4.99




FFB seat bag



First Flight small seat bag:  Made for us by Inertia in the 39 cubic inch size with the First Flight logo  embroidered on the rear flap.  The rear panel reflective strip doubles as a rear blinkie light port and has an internal zippered key pocket as well.  Double Velcro straps for the seat rails plus a third strap for the seat post.  $24.99








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