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Service Request

We are making service appointments 12pm – 4pm Tuesday through Friday at this time. Use the form for each bike below for processing. Please do not drop off your bike at our retail locations until contacted*

*You do not need to fill out the form for a flat tire. Come on by noon - 4 pm Tuesday - Friday and we'll return the bike to you the next day

One of our expert mechanics will contact you once the date arrives stated on the home page. They will discuss the bike(s) and the estimated charges before performing any work when your appointment time arrives. Please refer to the home page for the current date we are servicing. We are unable to send confirmation responses through this form but we have received it!

The charge for delivery service is $30.

Are you going out of town this weekend and gotta get it done right away? We get it. We offer a $100 expedited fee to get in front of the line and cover overtime for our staff because they're already overtime by the weekend.

Every day here is Mechanic Appreciation Day.

Must be a valid email address, e.g.
Please Note: Due to manufacturer quality issues with e-bikes we cannot service electric bikes for electrical systems issues other than the brands we sell, Specialized, Cannondale, Raleigh, and Santa Cruz.
Please note: Our average work order is ~$180-$200. NC required adding sales tax to labor for repair work.
Briefly describe what's happening with your bike. ex: how much is it ridden, when was it last serviced, what type of noise is it making, is it shifting correctly. PLEASE NOTE: We cannot service dysfunctional Ebike electrical systems from brands we do not carry. We are authorized dealers for Raleigh, Santa Cruz, Cannondale, and Specialized. All other ebike systems will need to be contacted with their respective manufacturer. Diagnostics for ebikes start with a $400 retainer for time spent.
We get it - sometimes it just has to get done, to jump ahead of the line and cover overtime for our guys at the same time we assess a $100 expedite fee in addition to the work performed. Depending on the work (and availability of parts) expect a 48 hour turnaround.