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Wes Davidson (owner): 

Wes received a mountain bike from Santa way back in 1995. Two years after that, he was in looking for a job. It started out as just a couple of days after school and by graduation in 1999, he was working 30 hours a week. After graduation, he picked up full time hours. While working at the shop, Wes found time to pick up Associates Degree in Computer Programming from Mitchell Community College. Wes has worked on bikes from the late 1800’s and up during his time with M.O.M.B.A.T (

Wes has a love for building bike trails from back when he first started riding and building trails in his neighborhood to now heading up the trail building effort at Bigleaf Slopes Park. 

Wes is a former chairman with the Iredell County Parks and Recreation Advisory Committee and current chairman of the Downtown Statesville Development Corporation. Wes leads 3 rides a week and is constantly thinking of new rides to have fun whether on the trails, gravel or road.

Levi Baer (Sales) : 

Levi grew up exploring the mountains of Western North Carolina on both two wheels and two feet. First introduced to mountain biking by his dad Levi got his first taste of it riding the trails of Pisgah and Dupont. After that he was hooked and developed an interest in all things cycling.

While attending Appalachian State Levi began working at a YMCA summer camp where he ran the summer mountain bike program. In this role Levi taught groups of kids ages 6-16 the basics of mountain biking and took many of them on their first trail rides. Through those experiences Levi found a love for sharing his enthusiasm for cycling and the outdoors.

Levi continues to share his enthusiasm for cycling at First Flight Bicycles and finds just as much enjoyment in helping you prepare for a race as he does in helping you find your first ever bike.

Gavin standing with his bike
Gavin Hughes (Sales):

Gavin was born in Easton, Maryland. With a load of flat land, he primarily rode his bike to the beach during summer stays on Assateague Island. After a drastic move to the Sonoran desert, Gavin began to ride on his mothers’ beach cruiser. Realizing the beauty of the desert despite the triple digit heat, he rode his first beaten trail near the Superstition Mountain range... on a beach cruiser.

Once he had his first mountain bike, he was out riding in the barren desert, finding lost mines and abandoned buildings from long ago. Upon moving to Statesville, Gavin found his love for true mountain bike trails, experiencing trails meant for riding with flowy, intense speed and technical features.

Gavin has found his place at First Flight Bicycles to help spread the enjoyment of cycling, no matter what type of riding you may delve into. He believes that you can ride whatever bike, wherever you want...even a beach cruiser on a double black diamond. From road to trail, Gavin will help you find your fit and make sure you have a blast doing it.

Enoch Mogusu (Service)

Enoch's passion for riding brought him to First Flight Bicycles. Starting first in our company warehouse learning to build bikes for all the stores and now has progressed into a service mechanic. Enoch loves working on bikes and making sure every rider has a bike that works well to have fun. 

James (Complaint Department):

James is kept in the basement of the store during business hours to make sure all the paperwork is done on time. On the weekends we dress him up in costumes and make him ride bikes slower than us. If something goes wrong at the shop, he is usually why it happened. He frequently breaks things and we have to fix them, particularly when he rides bikes. Any praise should be directed to the staff in the store since they work so hard to keep him in the basement and for you to achieve your dreams. Thank you for your support!

Izzy (Greeter):

Izzy is a pure bred good girl and always put in an honest days work greeting every person and dog that comes into our shop. She is passionate about customer service and making sure that everyone that comes into First Flight has the best possible experience. Izzy can be found roaming the shop floor and keeping us all in line. 

Pony Boy (Mechanic's Assistant):

Pony Boy is a true asset to our shop. WIth years of experience wrenching on bikes and managing our service department, Pony makes sure that every bike that leaves our shop is in tip-top shape. He can typically be found in the back of the shop taking naps and supervising our service dpartment.