Road Routes

Road Rides around Iredell County
Iredell County is blessed with a system of rural roads that are lightly trafficked with rural scenery that is rapidly disappearing in the southern part of the county. The local terrain is mostly moderate rolling hills with few truly flat areas. The further north you ride, the bigger the hills. While on your ride, there are plenty of interesting sites to check out in and near Iredell County. 


The Four Corners of Statesville - under 30 miles and good introductions to Statesville road riding.

Scotts Road Route NW of Statesville - Some of the most popular roads to ride around Statesville.

Monbo Road Route SW of Statesville - Ride through Lake Norman State Park!

Amity Hill Road Route SE of Statesville - Get things started right with 4 punchy climbs in 6 miles as you leave town.

Chestnut Grove Road Route NE of Statesville - Includes several other popular roads to the east of Statesville. Link this up with the Scotts route for a longer ride.

 30 Mile Routes

The First Flight 30 (aka The Miklos) - One of our go-to rides, affectionately called "the Miklos" after one of our good friends who has ridden this loop more than anyone else. This route makes a 30-mile loop around town and includes many of the most popular roads in the area. Flat, fast, and fun!

Old Mocksville - Quick descents and punchy climbs along Old Mocksville make for a great warmup leading up to the finale of Larry, Moe, and Curly, three consecutive climbs at the end of Old Mocksville. This is a great lollipop loop along some of the best roads to the northeast of town.