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Specialized globe running boards accessory black one size

Specialized globe running boards accessory black one size


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The Globe Haul LT running boards will help keep whatever you’re hauling rock steady as you zip through your day. In tandem with the adjustable cargo rails, the running boards help make Haul LT the most capable electric cargo bike out there. With solid support underneath your passengers and cargo, you’ll get a stable ride, and have more fun as you get more into it.

SUPPORTING CAST. The new running boards for the Haul LT make carrying passengers and cargo side bags possible. When your starting lineup is running boards, adjustable cargo rails, and cargo side bags, you’ll win every time. Scoreboard!

  • 2 full length running boards.
  • 66 lbs max capacity per side.
  • Designed for frictionless compatibility with Haul LT.
  • Includes all required tools for assembly.
  • Sustainable, bamboo platform with griptape top.
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